How it works
Catalyst Corporate Tracking Platform is a payment tracking solution designed to visualize payments flows and forecast funds arrival for BOTH SWIFT g4c-corporates and their
counterparties - which actually might be non-swift corporates.

Step by step
If you are a corporation connected to SWIFT, you should sign up for SWIFT's g4C product, which allows banks to send you payment tracking data. Any additional information about the procedure you can receive from IntellectEU (see contact details on this website) or your SWIFT account manager.
You sign up for the Corporate Tracking Platform and consent to share tracking information with your commercial counterparts throughout the globe.
Corporate Tracking Platform loads tracking information into a highly secure database that provides non-SWIFT counterparties to watch tracking data.
You can trace information about how your SWIFT payments proceed through the banking network to the beneficiary account.
You can give access to the information for your counterparties via a secure trustline system.
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